If you’ve never heard the name Jonathan Burkett, now it’s time to change that for good! Jonathan Burkett, AKA John Burkett is one of the most promising artists in recent years. He has set his eyes on the challenging path of success as an independent artist, mixing catchy and vibrant hip hop beats with rapping.
Abandoned and neglected as a child, John Burkett is used to facing up to any challenge. He even underwent a potentially life-threatening surgery in 2005, only to wake up more motivated and energetic than ever. Only 28 years old, he already has not only a promising rap career behind him – his first album was just released recently – but also a successful book, telling the story of his difficult childhood (if you’ve missed it, go and find “Neglected but Undefeated: The life of a Boy who never knew a mother’s love” right now!). Having suffered from neglect, beatings, a mental breakdown, seizures and hallucinations, a brain disorder and a surgery, John Burkett emerged in 2005 stronger and more motivated than ever – a true inspiration to every one of us. 
His journey towards love and acceptance continues today through his music. As an independent artist, John Burkett knows the importance of hard work and motivation, and creates strong and powerful songs, full of energy, vibrancy and deep meanings. His positive style reflects his personality and the catchy tunes will most certainly stuck in your head for days. He’s set to achieve the difficult task of designing music that challenges both indie and commercial musical brands – and we are more than certain he’ll be just as successful in this as in everything else! 
A talented writer – both in prose and poetry – John Burkett is a musician, whose name you’ll be hearing soon for certain. His music is not simply entertainment, but bears deep personal meaning that reflects the challenges he’s been facing his entire life – a story of a life-journey, which inspires, intrigues and beguiles. 

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