Inspirational Books by Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Born February 1, 1987, Jonathan is a bright, self-motivated young man devoted to achievement, doing the best and being the best that he can be in life. He has grown a great consciousness in himself over the past years and believes that he can achieve all that he dreams of because of his strong faith and courage.

Jonathan loves to write poetry and has written two books from his experiences in life. His first was an autobiography in an effort to do his best in life and to make decisions for a better future. By letting out all that he felt has been holding him back, he hope to inspire other young people. In particular, those who are going through struggles and believe their lives may be at their end.

Jonathan’s second book “Friends 2 Lovers” is a story of how strong relationships come from well-bonded friendships. It tells that the best foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a deep-rooted friendship. Jonathan hopes to fulfill his dreams by saying and telling himself night and day, “The same whom create, is the same whom will destinate.”