Fighting To Become Champions


Devin and Clinton both discovered the world of boxing at a young age, but each through his own different way. Devin s father, an aspiring boxer himself, never made it to the ring and instead began to train his son as his protégé. Clinton came from a broken home, filled with neglect and anger. Left to fend for himself as soon as he turned 18, Clinton harnessed the anger that he had learned to live with, turning it into an asset in the ring. The contrast between Devin and Clinton s roads to becoming boxers shows us the power of emotion and how both good and bad emotion can be harnessed, says Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Author of Fighting to Become Champions. For these two characters, inspiration and anger give them each the motivation to succeed. After becoming friends and living under the same roof when Clinton needed shelter, the two boys bond over the sport that they both become interested in. Soon, fighting together in the streets after school becomes a pastime for the boys, as well as an arena to show off their skills. But, when Devin s sister Jennifer takes an interest in Clinton and the two fall deeply in love, the friendship between the two boys takes a turn for the worst. While Clinton and Jennifer seek to express their love, Devin sees it as a betrayal, causing a rift between the two former friends. Despite going their separate ways in pursuit of a boxing career, the two will soon come face to face in the ring, where their animosity erupts into an all out fight.


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