Friends 2 Lovers Volume 2: Closed Doors Open


In the beginning all couples hope the best for their relationships. Women believe they’ll have the fairy tale; men believe they’ve ascended to the throne as king. Oftentimes the friendship that led to the relationship is perfect because they can escape reality and not worry about the past.

Claude and Kelly thought they were each other’s refuge and that, because they were friends first, nothing could destroy what they’d built. Especially considering all they’d seen each other go through. They were sure they’d rule life as King and Queen. Little did they know the issues that didn’t cause problems in their friendship could turn a relationship upside down.

In Friends 2 Lovers: Closed Doors Open by Jonathan Anthony Burkett, Claude and Kelly’s relationship is being put the test. Things that were done in the dark are coming to light. Secrets are being revealed. Abuses from the past are shaking them to the core. Then, the accident hits.


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