Neglected But Undefeated “The Life Of A Boy Who Never Knew A Mother’s Love”


Neglected but Undefeated is a tear-jerking story about abuse, neglect, and healing! A young child wakes up one morning on the laundry room floor in his home. He’s completely bruise from head to toe and can’t remember how he ended up sleeping there. Awaken by the smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen, he eagerly stands up and walks into the other room and greets his mother who’s in the middle of cooking his favorite breakfast. Soon what starts out as a simple, Good morning mom, quickly escalates into a verbal tug-of-war. Suddenly the child’s mother begins to beat him with the hot frying pan she was previously using to cook the eggs in. After beating him with the pan, she then grabs a high heel shoe to finish the job she already started on his defenseless little body. Afterwards, she unplugs all the phone and walks out of the house, leaving him curdle up in pain on the kitchen floor. This is just one of the many tragic stories of Jonathan Burkett‘s childhood growing up with a mother who didn’t love him, a step-father who turned a blind eye to the excessive abuse and neglect, and the sexual molestation by the adult females in his life who he thought he could trust. As a child, all young Jonathan wanted was his mother’s love and attention. But in return, all he received was beatings and death threats. Around the age of fourteen, his mother threw him out of the house and with no place to go, he became homeless. One day, he sat his mother down and asked her if she loved him. His mother replied only sent him further down a spiraling hole of depression and uncontrollable rage. However, as Jonathan tries to piece his young adult life together, he encounter people who attempts to uplift and support him through his troubling times. But will the pain from his childhood destroy any chance for a happy future? –Joy Farrington, The Book Club Experta.


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